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Liaising with tenants, filling out paperwork, chasing up rental payments and maintaining your property can be very time consuming and a huge burden if you are attempting to manage your investment property yourself, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Consider allowing a dedicated property management service to professionally manage your property on your behalf.

Realise the full potential of your investment portfolio by allowing Rent Star to take the management of your property to the next level. Property management is what we do. It is our specialty! Our property managers have extensive experience in all areas of property management and you can trust they will take care of your property as if it were their own.

We take property management to the next level and help you realise the full potential of your property investment portfolio. Because property management is the sole purpose of our business, you can trust that all of our time and attention is focused on taking care of and improving your investments. We specialise in managing all types of property Brisbane wide, so you can trust that the management of your property is in capable hands when you choose Rent Star.

Rent Star property managers provide a comprehensive service that allows us to stand out amongst the competition. We take care of every possible aspect of property management so there is no need to put up with the stress and hassle of managing your investment property yourself. Learn more about the full list of our property management services we provide below.

Accurate rental appraisal

Our property managers know the real estate market and they have the knowledge and expertise to accurately advise you of the appropriate market rent for your property at any given time. We can even provide advice on how to enhance your property to receive the best return on investment possible.

Professional Photography

When promoting your property to entice tenants, show off your property in the best light possible with professional photography provided by Rent Star.

Comprehensive marketing campaign

We take care of every aspect of promoting and marketing your property to ensure it stands out in the real estate market. Our comprehensive marketing campaign includes appropriate website placement and database marketing to ensure we find the right tenants for your property.

Private and open home inspections

We arrange and hold private and open for inspections to entice quality prospective tenants to your property.

Regular updates of market feedback

To help you maximise your returns, we provide regular updates on market feedback while waiting on your property to be rented out. We take all aspects of the real estate market into consideration to provide you with market feedback that is accurate and relevant to your property.

Thorough tenant application process

It is important that a reliable tenant is found to ensure your investment will be looked after and that the rent will be paid regularly and consistently. This is why we undergo a thorough screening process with potential tenants before providing our recommendations.

Preparation of lease documents

Don’t fret over paperwork needed to lease your property. We take care of and prepare any lease documents to make the process getting a tenant and gaining a return on your investment as fast and hassle free as possible. We will ensure the lease is prepared appropriately to protect both yourself and the tenant.


Detailed Entry Condition Report with Photos and Video

An entry condition report is necessary to record the condition of the property prior to the tenant moving into the property. We will make sure the condition of your investment is up to standard, and the best way to accurately record the condition of the property is by backing up the evidence with photos and video.

Bond Lodged with RTA

Rental bond must be lodged with the Residential Tenancies Authority within 10 days of the bond being received. We are experienced at lodging bonds and we will ensure it is submitted to the RTA with the correct lodgement form in the appropriate timeframe. To learn more about the bond lodgement process visit the RTA Resources page.

Detailed tenant sign up with all required documents signed

We take care of the whole tenant sign up process from start to finish, ensuring all required documents are signed including the tenancy agreement and all associated paperwork.

Smoke Alarm Compliance organised as per law

According to Queensland Law, all homes and units must have smoke alarms fitted. We will take on the responsibility of ensuring working alarms are installed so that your property complies with current laws. If you would like more information on current smoke alarm legislation, click here to read the full information sheet provided by the Queensland Government.

Transfer of utilities

We will contact utility companies on your behalf to transfer services when required.

Ongoing collection of rent with proactive arrears management

We understand how important it is to maintain a steady cash flow from your investments which is why we uphold a steady and consistent collection of rent and provide a proactive approach to arrears. Our focus is to ensure you receive optimal returns on your investments and a regular and consistent rental payment is key to achieving this. We will do what it takes to reduce or prevent arrears from occurring to ensure a continual and stable cash flow is upheld.

Detailed Routine Inspection Report provided with photos

We want to ensure your property is always in optimal condition, which is why our property managers conduct regular inspections and provide detailed inspection reports. To have peace of mind that your property is being looked after, who provide added security of including photos of the property taken at the time of the inspection, so that you can gain a full understanding of your property’s condition as if you were doing the inspection yourself!

Arrange repairs and maintenance

We take on the responsibility of keeping your property in good condition, ensuring it is good enough for the tenant to live in, and this includes arranging repairs and adequate maintenance of the property. We take the time needed to liaise with yourself and the tenant to determine the repairs or maintenance that needs to be done. We will then arrange for a tradesperson to come out to the property as soon as possible to perform any repairs needed.


Arrange payment of outgoings

As a tenant is preparing to leave the property, payment of outgoings may be required depending on the lease agreement. A common list of outgoing payments that may be included in the list includes council rates, body corporate levies, day to day premises costs or maintenance and repair services costs. If you require particular outgoing payments to be included in your lease agreement, we can arrange that for you. We will also follow up with the tenant to ensure payment is made.

24-hour access to statements, invoices and lease details

Our online portal for landlords makes Rent Star a true star in property management. We utilise cutting edge technology to provide our clients with 24-hour online access to statements, invoices and all other lease details associated with their property. We are proud to offer this very valuable service to our customers which provides complete access to all property management details online.

We are always transparent and open with how we manage your property, which is why we give you 24-hour online access to every detail imaginable. All the information you need is right there at your fingertips so there is no need to chase up any documentation or information about your property management because it is all right there for you to access at any time.

Thorough exit condition report at tenancy vacate

It is necessary to check that the condition of your property is up to standard prior to a tenant vacating the property. This is why our property managers ensure an exit condition report is completed correctly to provide an accurate representation of the condition the tenant has left your property in. Once the exit report is compared to the entry report, and any discrepancies are identified and sorted, we will arrange for the tenant to get their bond back.

Reduction of downtime with early marketing of property

Want to get a reliable tenant in your property sooner rather than later? We know that gaining a steady cash-flow as soon as possible is a priority, which is why we undertake in early marketing of your property to reduce downtime and allow you to gain a return on your investment as soon as possible.

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